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Ryan Rottman has posted new photos and videos on his Instagram account,make sure to check them bellow along with their descriptions :

Happy Sunday


A Stormtrooper’s day off

Hey guys I’m taking over @CELEBBUZZ‘s Twitter today 4ET/1PT. Come ask questions or say hi. Use #RottmanCB


So @tannerbeard‘s shadow looks real excited to be taking this photo of me.


#tbt If we don’t get ya with the bow we’ll slap ya with the paddle. @alixwilliam


Knock Knock… @tannerbeard


I keep my girl in check… Now where’s a good place to buy flowers? @jesvarg @alixwilliam

T-minus 10 days till #Happyland premiere. Who’s excited?


4 Shades of Grey @alixwilliam @drewzieva @crawdaddy9



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The Dallas Entertainment Journal got the chance to get an exclusive phone interview with Ryan Rottman, one of the stars from MTV’s new dramedy series Happyland. In the interview Ryan discusses the show and the significance of his role. Listen to the interview and set your alarms for September 30th to tune into Happyland. You can listen to the inteview here.


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Ryan Rottman recently tackled the Celebuzz Throwback Thursday Quiz to give all his fans a better idea of what Ryan was all about as a kid. Check out the Q&A’s from Ryan’s quiz below :

1. What was your favorite TV show growing up and why?

Rocko’s Modern Life and Saved By the Bell. Who didn’t love Zach and Kelly?

2. Most prized childhood toy/possession and you still have it?

My blanket that I took everywhere. Kept it to give to my kid one day.

3. What did you want to be when you grew up?

An accountant. Hah…Nah a superhero.

4. Favorite/least favorite school subjects?

History was my favorite by far and I greatly disliked math.

5. Who was your first crush (celebrity or non-celebrity)?

Rebecca McAdams in 6th grade.

6. What was your favorite film as a child?

The Sandlot.

7. What is your most embarrassing item of clothing from back in the day?

Jnco Jeans.

8. What was the first album you remember buying?


9. What was the first concert that you attended?

Bush and No Doubt.

10. Did you shave a favorite candy while growing up?

Fun Dip.

11. What was your favorite school subject in grade school?


You can check the whole article here.


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Ryan also took over Celebuzz’s Instagram and posted 6 photos on their account. Make sure to check the 6 photos bellow along with their descriptions :

Hey guys it’s Ryan! Rise and grind! #protein #smoothie #RottmanCB #Happyland


Pre-workout #selfie #RottmanCB #Happyland


Perfect day for a Skateboard shesh along the #LARiver #RottmanCB #Happyland


Running errands with my favorite assistant #topdown #RottmanCB #Happyland


Like the fresh cut?? #RottmanCB #Happyland


Ouch! #RottmanCB #Happyland


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As you know Ryan Rottman has been chosen as one of ‘Celebuzz Fall 2014 Breakout Stars’ and took over Celebuzz’s Twitter account and answered some fan questions. Make sure to check them bellow :

My favorite place to vacation is Paris for sure! @MissKristen92 @RyanRottman

Favorite ride is anything that drops me like Superman or Tower of Terror @ElyseLandolfi #RottmanCB

Best part about filming is getting to work at a theme park and working with the crazy awesome cast. @alysonnjaynee @RyanRottman #RottmanCB

.@CELEBUZZ @RyanRottman How’s it to be Shane Harper’s bro on TV? #RottmanCB – Its pretty much the best! We are never serious on set! HA

.@CELEBUZZ Were there any OFF screen romances? #RottmanCB #Happyland — Wouldn’t you like to know!!

@CELEBUZZ will you marry me?? #RottmanCB — When and Where? :)

.@CELEBUZZ buzz @RyanRottman what was the worst date you’ve ever been on? #ryanrottmanCB — Date in HS at Chilis and got food poisoning! :(

.@celebuzz what’s your chipotle order #RottmanCB HAHA! A bowl to go with double chicken, brown rice, hot sauce and lettuce. Now I’m hungry

.@CELEBUZZ rumor has it you drink a lot of juice on set. is this true? if so what is your favorite juice flavor? #RottmanCB #happyland HAHA!

.@CELEBUZZ What is your character like? Will I like him? #RottmanCB — You’re gonna have a love/hate relationship with him! I LIKE him HA

@TheShaneHarper @CELEBUZZ Shane you are a Ryan Rottman fan #RottmanCB —Heck yeah he is!!

.@CELEBUZZ @RyanRottman 3 best words to describe your show? #RyanRottmanCB SEX, DRUGS, ROLLERCOASTERS

@CELEBUZZ Your fave sport? #RottmanCB #Happyland — Golf to play and Football to watch

.@CELEBUZZ whos the funniest on happyland set? #RottmanCB #Happyland Its the mixture of all of us playing off each other

.@DailyCameronM @CELEBUZZ Is Cameron Moulene as cool as he seems to be? Lol  #RottmanCB #Happyland —- COOLER

.@RRottmanSource @CELEBUZZ Do you feel that audience will ‘hate you’ a little as Theodore? #RottmanCB — There will times ya probably. :-(

.@coconutclimber @CELEBUZZ Who is the big HEARTTHROB IN #happyland? #RottmanCB —- Better question is who isn’t!

.@taygrewe @CELEBUZZ Ryan, what inspired you to pursue a career in acting? #rottmancb —- Just something I always had a passion for

.@LucianaDahdah @CELEBUZZ how old were you when you started acting? #RottmanCB — I was 18 in College when I did my first play

.@RRottmanSource @RTBcafe #RottmanCB —- The Salmon and coffee of course @RamseyKrull

.@lenaamitzel @RyanRottman if you weren’t an actor what would you be doing right now? @CELEBUZZ #rottmancb — I would be a stock broker

.@TeyAraujo @CELEBUZZ @RyanRottman what is your favorite movie #happyland #rottmancb — The Philadelphia Story. Sooo GOOD

.@erika_minni @CELEBUZZ are there any similarities between you & Theodore ? #RottmanCB #Happyland — Yeah were both very loyal to our family

@babespence @CELEBUZZ What was your reaction upon receiving the news that you would join cast of #happyland? #RottmanCB – Jumping for joy

.@stayharper @CELEBUZZ describe your fans in one word #RottmanCB — EPIC

.@JoBrosButterfly #RottmanCB If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? @CELEBUZZ @RyanRottman — Bora Bora. You?

.@nikki_fife @celebuzz Ryan…. Dogs or cats? #rottmancb #happyland Dogs for sure!

.@ShidgitsShipper @CELEBUZZ #RottmanCB Is it true that shane is afraid of roller coasters??— Oh Yeahhhhhhh

.@Nados1000000 @CELEBUZZ #RottmanCB whats the best point of your friendchip with @ZacEfron ? Greets from germany :-) — Laughing

.@CameronMoulene @CELEBUZZ #rottmancb what’s theodores fondest childhood memory? And does he juice? — Dreaming of suits and LOVES juice!!

.@RRottmanSource What’s like to be @AlixWilliam‘s roommate? @CELEBUZZ @RyanRottman #RottmanCB — the WORST! Kidding!! He’s the best

.@_splashlovato @CELEBUZZ what is your favorite band or music?! congrats on happyland :))) love u!!!! #RottmanCB — Blink182 growing up

.@RyanAlexanderC @CELEBUZZ #RottmanCB how did you get into the industry initially, family member, cattle call, audition? — Classes first!

.@jhawkinspilot @CELEBUZZ#RottmanCB if you were boarding a plane & could only take 1 energy drink, what would that be? HAH @ARMAEnergy

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Ryan Rottman has been chosen as one of  ‘Celebuzz Fall 2014 Breakout Stars’ by Celebuzz’s website.. They also posted an article about it. Check it out bellow :



You can check the article here.

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It looks like Ryan Rottman was doing a photo shoot for Perez Hilton Online Shoot. A photo from the Behind The Scenes was posted online,make sure to check it bellow :
10684154_568254213304004_1919546625_n.jpg 10684154_568254213304004_1919546625_n.jpg 10684154_568254213304004_1919546625_n.jpg 10684154_568254213304004_1919546625_n.jpg

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Ryan Rottman stops to pose at the Men’s Fitness 2014 Game Changers Event held at Palihouse on Wednesday (September 17) in West Hollywood, Calif. The 30-year-old actor was joined by his girlfriend Jessica Vargas. Make sure to check the photos bellow :
Men’s Fitness Magazine Celebrate ’2014 Game Changers’ Issue – Red Carpet 
Ryan2BRottman2BMEN2BFITNESS2BCelebrates2B20142BGAME2BbCD5jVNtRXAx.jpg Ryan2BRottman2BMEN2BFITNESS2BCelebrates2B20142BGAME2BkqnelY9LhqZx.jpg 455643026.jpg 455632634.jpg
Men’s Fitness Magazine Celebrate ’2014 Game Changers’ Issue – Inside 
Ryan2BRottman2BMEN2BFITNESS2BCelebrates2B20142BGAME2BGmvD7UtRbATx.jpg Ryan2BRottman2BMEN2BFITNESS2BCelebrates2B20142BGAME2BH675UAhDnLbx.jpg Ryan2BRottman2BMEN2BFITNESS2BCelebrates2B20142BGAME2BEeuepZGTgfOx.jpg Ryan2BRottman2BMEN2BFITNESS2BCelebrates2B20142BGAME2BeTVtZXbPuj2x.jpg

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Ryan Rottman has posted a new photo on his Instagram sharing his #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday), which is his girlfriend Jessica Vargas. Make sure to check the photo bellow along with it’s description :

#WCW to my princess @jesvarg


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Ryan Rottman has posted a new photo on his Instagram account wishing a Happy Birthday to his homie and very good actor, Tanner Beard. RyanRottmanFans.Net is hoping Tanner had a blast on his birthday. Make sure to check the photo bellow along with it’s description :

Happy 30th Mr @tannerbeard! Cheers to the many EPIC times we have had over the years! A true friend



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