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Calling out all Ryan Rottman fans this Christmas to dedicate a special video to Ryan in occasion of the Christmas holidays! In this project, the fans will get the chance to wish and share all their Christmas love and heartfelt support to Ryan Rottman.

To know more about 2014 Ryan Rottman Christmas Video project and how to get involved, simply check out the info below!


  • Record a video of max 2 minutes wishing Ryan a Merry Christmas and sharing your love;
  • Take a picture of yourself with a Christmas message.


  •  make sure you are aware that your video will be released online. You are taking full responsibility of what you are putting online and RRF is not going to reply any requests to remove the video after it’s released.
  • We won’t be accepting any entries after December 20th 2014, so make sure you send it  before then.
  • Don’t be ashamed of who you are, Just be you & have fun.
  • The rules are for the ones whom will send a video or picture.


  • 2014 Ryan Rottman Christmas Video project starts  Friday, November 21th and ends on Saturday, December 20th at 11:59PM PST;
  • Ryan is going to WATCH the video just like he watched the other project videos.


  • Video recordings cannot exceed 2 minutes in length;
  • If video recordings exceed time limit, I might decide whether to use the videos or cut them;
  • Videos must not contain any background audio;
  • If you don’t feel okay in exposing yourself online.  Artworks or paintings are acceptable.
  • One entry per fan;
  • For any doubt or question you have, please make sure to tweet me at @RRottmanSource [ Twitter] as i’ll make sure to answer you back! I hope you all like and join the first Christmas project!
  •  This is one of those occasions we love the most, because we get to connect you closer to the person we all love and support.

DEADLINE: December 20th 2014

Send it all to


Álvaro [ website's Owner].

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What did you think of Theodore?
I liked it.
He is ok.
I hated it.

Poll Maker


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Ryan Rottman attended Laugh Factory stand up comedy club with a couple of friends at Sunset Strip. Ryan has posted a photo on his Instagram account,make sure to check it bellow along with it’s description :

Making people pee there pants since 2012 @jbkite! @jeremiahworld @paulkhoury @mauricefadida @tannerbeard

Ryan’s friends also posted photos from last night,make sure to check them bellow :
10809909_368901409938840_541520172_n.jpg 10808710_1531218900459893_1829279787_n.jpg 10808433_544900002320332_810264336_n.jpg 10809909_368901409938840_541520172_n.jpg

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Ryan Rottman celebrated his homie Ramsey Krull‘s birthday with a couple of friends on November 10th at HYDE Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails in Los Angeles. It looks like they decided to wear fun masks for the party. Ryan has posted a photo from the birthday party on his Instagram account,make sure to check it bellow along with it’s description :

Eyes Wide Open #RamseysBday


Ryan’s friends also shared photos from the birthday party,make sure to check them bellow :

10610960_320722134778214_1392443680_n.jpg 10808679_374975165995262_2076509105_n.jpg 10808698_1514809995466363_1114703869_n.jpg 10808810_342258612620012_348337692_n.jpg


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Morgan Evans is trying to break into Happyland. Watch him chatting Happyland drama with Ryan Rottman and see if he can land a role on the show. Click here to watch the video. It’s hilarious.

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Ryan Rottman has posted a new photo on his Instagram account wishing a happy birthday to his homie Ramsey Krull. RyanRottmanFans.Net wishes a Happy Birthday to Ramsey and hope he has a blast celebrating it with the people he loves. Make sure to check the photo bellow along with it’s description :

Happy Happy 30th Birthday to this stud @rckrull! Love ya kid


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Ryan Rottman has posted a new photo on his Instagram account of his girlfriend Jessica Vargas saying it’s his Woman Crush Wednesday,make sure to check the photo bellow along with it’s description :

#WCW @jesvarg


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Ryan Rottman attended Purge Breakout on November 02nd with a group of friends in Los Angeles.  THE PURGE: BREAKOUT is an immersive escape-game experience based on the world of Universal Pictures’ THE PURGE.

Read a little about what Purge is all about

It’s Purge Night, and your group is being held captive by a demented torturer…with only 30 minutes before the start of The Purge.  Trapped in his house, groups must work together—solving a series of increasingly complicated mind-bending puzzles and clues—to escape captivity and survive THE PURGE.  Based on popular escape room adventures taking the U.S. and Asia by storm, the experience is like a real life video game.  Visitors will be completely immersed into a horror experience like no other.

Make sure to check a few photos bellow of Ryan with his friends at the Purge

10734997_302535419954233_1083867974_n.jpg 10785023_693673184080261_1860533978_n.jpg 10802519_572077342935751_1293787196_n.jpg 10734997_302535419954233_1083867974_n.jpg


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Ryan Rottman attended the Walk to End Alzheimer’s this morning  (November 02nd) with his girlfriend Jessica Vargas at Century Plaza Towers in Century Park. The event has the aim of raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care,support and research. This inspiring event calls on participants of all ages and abilities to reclaim the future of millions. Together, we can end Alzheimer’s disease,the nation’s sixth-leading cause of death. Ryan also posted a photo about it on his Instagram account,make sure to check it bellow along with it’s description :

Great cause very close to my heart. Thx for all who came out this morning and let’s end Alzheimer’s. #EndAlz


Check also photos of Ryan posted on social media at the event bellow :

10659170_10152810190667744_4277713177894527341_n.jpg 10665255_10152810190707744_3399047107998383851_n.jpg 10520600_10152810190747744_7809185845019364849_n.jpg 10689920_10152810191667744_411360482138340857_n.jpg

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Ryan Rottman celebrated Halloween with his friends on October 31th. He also attended Treats Magazine party with a couple of friends. Ryan has posted 3 pictures on his Instagram account about the halloween night,make sure to check the photos bellow along with their descriptions :

Maybe my favorite costumes. Wayne’s World party time excellenttt. @tcurrell @angiehomb


Captain Rottman & Friends


CONGRATULATIONS to my best friend @tcurrell and @angiehomb on their engagement. So happy for them! #YES


Check also pictures posted on the social media about the halloween night :

B1Y5yfkIQAEb4zZ_large.jpg 10727293_1489353991341977_835883545_n.jpg  B1Y5yfkIQAEb4zZ_large.jpg 10727293_1489353991341977_835883545_n.jpg


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