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Calling All Ryan Rottman Fans for a special occasion! So as you know Ryan’s birthday is on March 17th so i decided to make a birthday video for him as i have done before.  Make sure to check out what to do below and get your enters in by March 10th, 2014.


  • You can make a video of yourself wishing Ryan a happy birthday.
  • If you don’t want to make a video you can take a picture of yourself with a message to Ryan  included in the picture.
  • In the case you don’t want to show yourself,Use a picture of him included by a message.
  • For those ones who will make a video or take a picture, after you make it,please send the URL/photo to me through email .. Rottman-Ryan@hotmail.com
RULES(For those ones whom will make a video)
  • make sure you are aware that your video will be released online. You are taking full responsibility of what you are putting online and RRF is not going to reply any requests to remove the video after it’s released.
  • I won’t be accepting any entries after March 10th, 2015 so make sure you send it  before then.
  • Be creative, have fun and remember Ryan will see this.
  • The rules are also for those ones who will take a picture.


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In November 2014 Ryan shot a secret project tittled ‘Hot Girls’ and there wasn’t a lot information about it until now. The secret project was a spoof sketch trailer of the HBO’s ‘Girls’.  It’s hilarious and Ryan’s scenes are also hilarious. Directed by Alberto Belli and written by Polina Frantsena and Stephanie Lynn. The trailer is already out. Make sure to check it bellow

I’ve also added screen captures to the gallery, make sure to check them bellow
What_if_Michael_Bay_directed_HBO_s_Girls__117.jpg What_if_Michael_Bay_directed_HBO_s_Girls__134.jpg What_if_Michael_Bay_directed_HBO_s_Girls__305.jpg What_if_Michael_Bay_directed_HBO_s_Girls__336.jpg

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Ryan Rottman’s birthday celebration continued on March 21th by playing paintball with his girlfriend and his closest friends at Hollywood Sports Paintball and Airsoft Park.  Ryan posted a picture from yesterday on his Instagram account, make sure to check the photo bellow along with it’s description

The Paintballers. Coming to a local late night access channel near you. Thx @hollywoodsports


Jessica Vargas also posted a photo, make sure to check it out bellow



Candece Campbell posted a video, make sure to check it out bellow

A video posted by Canvasscandal (@canvasscandal) on


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Ryan Rottman celebrated his birthday with his girlfriend, Jessica Vargas, and with his closest friends at Rock and Reilly’s and later at State Social House on March 17th. Ryan posted photos from that day on his Instagram account,make sure to check them bellow along with their descriptions

Got myself a Bday present.


Made it thru a successful bday


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RyanRottmanFans.net wishes to the amazing,humble,fantastic and crazy talented Ryan Rottman a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! !!!! Hoping this day will be full of joy and love in the company of the ones you love [ family,Jessica and your friends]. I couldn’t be any more proud of you and what you’ve been accomplished so far as an actor! I admire you like a lot and the fact i got to create RyanRottmanFans.Net is a way to show you my support or even massive support!! I also enjoy  your personality and your witty humor and there’s no doubt that there’s no ONE like you that’s what makes you beyond AWESOME and UNIQUE. I really hope you enjoy this day and most of all i hope people around you make you feel HAPPY.  When it comes about your acting…you blow me away…you’re really good at it and i can’t wait for what the future holds for you ’cause you’re pretty much talented and i wish you’d be more recognized for your acting. Wishing you the very best on this special day of yours because you deserve the best in your life.

I’ve been working on the birthday video for Ryan for weeks and i hope he really likes it. Check it out bellow

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN ROTTMAN from Ryan Rottman Fans on Vimeo.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN ROTTMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Ryan Rottman attended his homie and actor Kellan Lutz Dirty 30 White Birthday Party in Hollywood Hills with a lot of friends. Some of his friends posted pics from the birthday party on their social networks, make sure to check photos bellow

10787751_915411928479141_286585997_n.jpg 11023267_789486001141837_18522182_n.jpg 11024300_1428736450757303_1223285904_n.jpg 10956718_714130152046404_1068026564_n.jpg

Ryan also posted 2 pics from the birthday party on his Instagram account, make sure to check them bellow along with their descriptions

#Repost @steelobrim ・・・ Last Nights Festivities with my boys @ryanrottman and @paulkhoury for @kellanlutz Dirty Thirty Birthday Party


Painters convention. Happy Bday @kellanlutz. Love ya buddy



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Ryan Rottman celebrated his homie Alix William’s birthday at On The Rox in West Hollywood with a couple friends on March 10th. A friend of Ryan posted a pic from the birthday pary on Instagram,make sure to check it bellow

11008289_379160922269415_1011088434_n.jpg 11008289_379160922269415_1011088434_n.jpg 11008289_379160922269415_1011088434_n.jpg 11008289_379160922269415_1011088434_n.jpg

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Ryan Rottman has posted a new photo on his Instagram account wishing a Happy Birthday to his homie, Alix William. Make sure to check the photo bellow along with it’s description

Happy Birthday  to this old so and so @alixwilliam.



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