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‘Sex, drugs & roller coasters?!’ What the heck is Happyland‘s star suggesting?

In our exclusive interview, Happyland star Ryan Rottman teased the first season of the new series. Be ready for hookups, drama and a roller coaster ride of fun.

MTV’s new show is about a bunch of young people working at an amusement park and what goes on when the lights go out. As happy as the park is, there’s a lot more happening behind the scenes.

“The theme of the show is kind of sex, drugs and roller coasters,” Rottman teased, adding that he and his fellow actors, and the creators of the show, interviewed actual theme park employees to get real stories of what it’s like behind all the fun.

“We interviewed a bunch of them, and it’s pretty interesting what happens behind closed doors,” Rottman said. “Some of the stories are just, out of this world. I’d say we got about 70 percent to 80 percent of the really good ones in there.”

Rottman plays Theodore Chandler on the show, a guy who has a lot to prove and may not immediately be liked by some fans.

“I kind of look at myself as the chess master,” Rottman said about playing Theodore. “I keep everyone together. I take my job very seriously. I look up to my father a lot, so I’m really trying to prove myself to him. The audience is going to kind of have a love/hate relationship with me, because I definitely come down on the staff and my brother, and I think they’re not going to like that very much.”

But don’t worry, Theodore isn’t as bad as he seems at first. “As the season goes on, you’re going to understand why I do the things I do and that it is actually out of love and respect for my family,” Rottman promised.

Rottman and his character had a lot in common. Both of them held a lot of secrets. When filming began, the show’s creator, Ben Epstein, sat the actor down and told him a lot of what was going to happen throughout the first season. “I hold all the secrets,” Rottman said, adding that some of the cast tried to pry information out of him, but he never gave anything away.

It did allow him a unique insight into what was coming up for his character and the other characters on the show. “It gets pretty juicy,” Rottman shared.

“Episode 6 has a really good plot twist. The whole episode is pretty juicy. Around [Episodes 5 and 6] is when you really start seeing why [Theodore] is doing the things [he's] doing,” Rottman said. “[Viewers will discover that Theodore is] actually kind of the good big brother and a good employee of Happyland. And all of the different twists and turns that [he's] said and done start to make sense.”

If you’ve heard about MTV’s new series, chances are you’ve already heard about the little controversy that popped up when the show was screened for the press before a Q-and-A with the stars and creators. If you’d rather not be spoiled, you might want to stop reading now.

Just to be clear: Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Two of the characters find that they have feelings for each other, but just after they share their first kiss, they find out that they might actually be half-siblings. It’s a theme that won’t end with the first episode, Rottman promised. “Yeah, that definitely drives a lot of the season.”

But though the story line sounds heavy, Rottman said it’s something he thinks people can relate to. “I think everyone in their life has had someone in their life they really want to be with, but they can’t. So I think it’s really relatable.”

But the show isn’t all seriousness. There’s a lot of joy happening behind the scenes, especially since they got to shoot at a real theme park one day. Rottman particularly had a great time watching one of his co-stars get terrified on a ride.

“I finished earlier than anyone else and actually stayed around to watch Shane [Harper], he plays my brother, ride the roller coaster. He’s deathly afraid of them; he hates roller coasters. They rode him to the top, and they held the roller coaster there to get two shots.”

And what did Rottman do while his co-star was frightened for his life? Why, what any friend would do, of course. “I watched the monitors and took a bunch of photos and laughed my a** off watching him. That was one of the highlights of the season.”

It looks like fans will get the chance to see those pictures, so keep an eye out. “When the episode comes out, I’m going to put those photos out there, too. I gotta give him a little jab.”


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Ryan did a interview with host from After Buzz Tv, Yael Tygiel, chatting about his new upcoming show called Happyland. Make sure to check the interview bellow :

Check also some BTS pictures from the interview bellow :
Bya8raVCUAABLvD.jpg Bya8rgFCEAAaUeF.jpg Bya8rTNCcAAHO54.jpg Bya8raVCUAABLvD.jpg

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My LA to Z: Ryan Rottman

The star of MTV’s new show Happyland (premiering September 30) on his own personal Cheers, bro-ing out at the Hollywood Bowl, and honing his golf skills

  1. rr1

    Rocco’s Tavern

    I live in Studio City, and me and my boys, our bar is Rocco’s Tavern. That’s our Cheers. We go there all the time—so often that we have a table with a plaque! My favorite thing on their menu is the chicken wings. And it’s awesome for watching sports.


    2. The Getty Museum

    It’s one of my favorite spots to go relax. I used to take scripts up there and just lie in the grass and read them, get food, and look out over the city. It’s a good place to zone out and do some meditation. The last time I went was to see the Ansel Adams exhibition. I’m a huge history dork—I love that kind of stuff.


    3. Pace

    It’s underneath the Laurel Canyon Country Store. You have to know it’s there. They have locally grown stuff that’s organic and the best ambiance. It’s upscale, but at the same time you can draw on the tables with crayons. And they have all these crazy good drawings all over the walls. My best friend used to live near there, so we were going two or three times a week. They even sent us Christmas baskets! As for food, their salmon with creamy mashed potatoes and asparagus is amazing, and their pizzas and steaks are phenomenal.


    4. The Hollywood Bowl

    The ambiance is so great, and everyone is always in a good mood. I saw Bruno Mars there and it was so fun. There was a 15-minute fireworks show and little tables with beer and wine. I didn’t think I liked [Bruno Mars] much, but then I got there and I knew every song. It’s one of those things where you hear a song on the radio so many times that you know every word. I actually went with my best friend—you’re going to think we hang out 24/7! We have a bromance.


    5. Pinz Bowling Center
    I go every Tuesday night from 9 p.m.-midnight, and it’s $20 bucks for all-you-can-bowl bowling. And you either get a drink voucher or $10 bucks in gaming vouchers for the arcade. Ten of us will get together and we’ll get two lanes, although it’s starting to get crowded. I take pride in sports—my average score in bowling is 175 or 180, but I have my days where I’ll start at a strong 180 but end up at 120.

    6. The Well Lounge

    It’s a dark, very eclectic bar. It’s kind of a dive bar—it’s a nice dive bar, but its still a dive. The same people who own The Well own The Fifth and The Woods and a few others that have cool seating and really interesting lighting.

    7. MountainGate Country Club

    It’s a really good course. If you’re driving on the 405 and you look up right before the Getty, there’s a huge driveway. And if you look closely, you can see a couple of the holes. It’s members only, but my buddy is a member, which is great. Playing golf in L.A. is difficult because public courses are usually packed. There’s one par three at MountainGate that overlooks the whole city. There’s a cliff and you can see the 405. It’s beautiful. Although I guess you could hit a car.


    8. The Rose Bowl Flea Market

    I have a bunch of cool stuff in my house from there. I have this really cool mirror made of Ray-Bans where each lens is a mirror. And it was only $35 bucks! I haven’t been in a minute, I’m planning to go back soon.


    9. Studio City

    When I first moved here I lived at the Oakwood Apartments, which is how I met a lot of my friends. We all came up together. After that, though, I moved to Laurel Canyon and then Studio City, and I don’t know that I’ll ever move from this area. Everything I need is right here, and it’s really starting to boom: we just got a Lemonade, a Joan’s on Third, and all these cool shops like Brandi Melville—which I only know about because my girlfriend really likes it! There’s a really good crowd, too. A lot of people like Hollywood. I like it but I don’t like it—I like my little nugget over here.




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Remember when Ryan did a photo shoot for J Squared on July 22th? Well some  pictures were already released online and they look awesome.  Make sure to check 3 photos bellow from the shoot :

BwNn2xZIUAAjeqt_large.jpg ryan_h.jpg sqodcefdlzl9aqimjaa5.jpg BwNn2xZIUAAjeqt_large.jpg

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Here’s the first look of Ryan’s new photo shoot for Coco Perez online shoot. Photos taken by the professional photographer Angelo Kritikos. Check the first look picture bellow :

ryan-rottman-bts-pic-4__oPt.jpg ryan-rottman-bts-pic-4__oPt.jpg ryan-rottman-bts-pic-4__oPt.jpg ryan-rottman-bts-pic-4__oPt.jpg

Stay tuned for more info about this shoot.

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The cast of MTV’s Happyland  ( Shane Harper,Ryan Rottman, Bianca Santos, Katherine Mcnamara, Camille Guaty and Cameron Mouléne ) took over Santa Monica Pier on a press day for Happyland held at Pacific Park on Wednesday afternoon (September 24). Make sure to check the photos bellow:

MTV’s ‘Happyland’ Event

Katherine_McNamara_23~3.jpg Katherine_McNamara_24~3.jpg Ryan6.jpg Katherine_McNamara_28~3.jpg

MTV’s ‘Happyland’ Event – Portraits

456053796.jpg 456053480.jpg 456061066.jpg 456147928.jpg

Check also photos from the event posted on the social media :

10665650_1489947704609222_1174554943_n.jpg ByU5_d_CEAAm1oM_large.jpg 10661082_802048903193445_281980186_n.jpg ByZA7ruIQAEXaUs_large.jpg



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Ever thought about what happens behind closed doors at an amusement park? Save for a few nightmares, neither have we. But you’re curious now, aren’t you? Starting on September 30, you can feed that curiosity with MTV’s latest series, Happyland. The dramedy revolves around the lives of several friends and employees at a popular theme park, on and off business hours. Carnies, furry costumes, pubescent teenagers dealing with their first job—of course things get weird.

One guy who knows all about just how weird it gets is star Ryan Rottman. As Theodore Chandler, Rottman plays the son of Happyland’s president who comes on as creative director of the park, overseeing everything that happens behind the scenes. Here, the 30-year-old actor spoke to us about his childhood in Texas, what to expect on Happyland, and all the sexcapades that actually go down at amusement parks.

So who is Ryan Rottman?
Ryan Rottman is a very complex guy. [Laughs.] No, I’m from Texas, from a smaller town called Lufkin. Grew up there, played baseball and golf, then went on from there to Texas Tech University, and studied business with a minor in theater. My dad always wanted me to have a business degree, just in case. I ended up leaving Tech during my junior year for L.A. and I interned for director Todd Phillips and met his partner Scott Rudnick.

While I was out here, I got presented with an opportunity for manager, and that’s it. I picked up and moved.

At what point in your life did you know you wanted to be an actor? 
Growing up, I would just kind of act out things. My mom always said I was crying wolf. I would act out things in the mirror, run around, and I actually still have and use one of the Back to the Future big cameras that Doc uses. We’d run around with that and film things. I loved the thing so much my parents actually kept it for me.

How did you get the role of Theodore Chandler?
I auditioned the first time. As I was doing my second audition scene, the producers asked, “Do you know who Scott Disick is?” I said yeah and they were like, “That’s kind of what we want. You’re a little too nice. We want you to play a little more, like, if you can picture him…” I was like, “Well I don’t watch the show too much, but yeah let’s give it a shot.” They liked it and called me back and next thing I know we were shooting the pilot at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Oh, an apparently that park is a big terrorist target, so we had a bunch of security around us, and we couldn’t really wander off. If we did, we had to have a security guard with us, which was pretty cool.

Did you do any prep for the show?
Yeah, we started to interview these people that work at theme parks and heard about all this crazy shit that happens behind closed doors, everything from sex to drugs.

Growing up, going to these theme parks, I was always obsessed with getting the characters’ autographs. They were larger than life, but they were real. Now, being grown and being on the other side of it, it’s so interesting thinking they could’ve been high at the time. [Laughs.]

What kind of stories did you hear from the actual theme park employees?
About a lot of orgies that go on behind closed doors, and a lot of them have to do with everyone still in character and still in their costumes. There’s a lot of getting high and going out and doing the day. Oh! They’d all have inside jokes where if one of them was actually in a character, they could say certain curse words and bad words so many times without getting caught. It’s like they would try to make subliminal messages like they do in Disney movies. We actually incorporated some of that into the show

When you shot at Six Flags, was it totally open to the public, or did they close down the park?
I believe Six Flags was about to open for the summer, so it was closed. We were the only people there. It was so much more massive.

Did you get to ride the rides?
We had to ride a few rides for the show, but it wasn’t like National Lampoon’s Vacation, where we had John Candy giving us all these private rides. We didn’t actually get to ride too many of the rides by ourselves. I would say I act for free and they pay me to wait, and that was of one of those things where you’re there, and you’re waiting and waiting, and you’re like “Come on! We can’t ride one rollercoaster? We can’t do Superman one time or anything like that?!”

What are your favorite types of theme park rides?
Well, I used to get really bad motion sickness when I was a kid. I would get sick in airplanes, I’d get seasick, and I definitely couldn’t do any rollercoasters. When I was in middle school, I remember I got on one of those rides that spin you around because a girl that I liked wanted to do it, and the rest of my day was so ruined. I was just sick. Then all of a sudden something changed. I don’t know what it was, but now I absolutely love rollercoasters. I love the ones that pick you up and just drop you. I still don’t like the spinny ones.

Any other exciting projects in your future?
I’m just waiting for Happyland to come out. I’m pretty excited to see how it does. We have a good lead-in: two good MTV shows, Awkward and Faking It. Other than that I’m just keeping myself busy while we play the waiting game. You shoot these things and then you wait and you wait, and by the time it airs, you’re like “Oh my god, that was so long ago.” So it’s kind of nice that it’s getting here.


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Ryan Rottmans is at his brand new MTV show, Happyland. The show is about “the underbelly of theme parks,” the 30-year-old actor told us. He also spilled how he channeled his inner Scott Disick for his role of Chandler.

C: What can we expect from Happyland?
RR: “The characters are all the kids that work in the theme parks and you see the crazy s**t that happens when they get out of their costumes. Sometimes they’re still in their costumes, but they leave the main floor and they go down in these tunnels and break rooms and the mischief they get into is pretty crazy.”

C: How does your character Chandler fit into the series?
RR: “My family created the park and we just moved back to run it. I’m the creative director so I oversee everything. I get to interact with all the characters which is fun cause I get scenes with them individually and in a group.”

C: We heard you had to tap into your inner Lord (Scott) Disick for this role?
RR: “Yeah, it was pretty funny. I was in the audition room and they were like ‘That’s great. Do you watch KUWTK?’ I said I don’t, they asked if I knew who Scott Disick is and I was like ‘Yeah I know who Scott Disick is.’ They said they needed me to channel his persona and I was like ‘Okay, that’s interesting. I can try that.’ So I just upped a little bit of the cockiness and a little bit of the hard-ass and it worked!”

C: Now that Scott’s persona helped you, have you started to keep up with the Kardashians?
RR: “I still haven’t, but I did look him up on Instagram and a few interviews. I wanted him (my character) to have a softer side as well. He has redeeming qualities.”

C: What do you hope people takeaway from the show?
RR: “It’s a dramedy (drama and comedy). It definitely deals with issues that some people might run into. It’s the same issues, just a different platform. In the end of the first episode, Ian and Bianca’s characters share a kiss and they find out they are possibly brother and sister. How do you deal with that bombshell? It’s cool for other people that are going through the same kind of things.”



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Ryan Rottman attended John Varvatos’ International Day of Peace Celebration held at the John Varvatos Boutique on Sunday (September 21) in West Hollywood, Calif. Make sure to check the photos bellow :

455899486.jpg Corbis-42-62330068.jpg Corbis-42-62340413.jpg Corbis-42-62339702.jpg

Check also a video of Ryan walking down the red carpet of the event :

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Ryan Rottman has posted new photos and videos on his Instagram account,make sure to check them bellow along with their descriptions :

Happy Sunday


A Stormtrooper’s day off

Hey guys I’m taking over @CELEBBUZZ‘s Twitter today 4ET/1PT. Come ask questions or say hi. Use #RottmanCB


So @tannerbeard‘s shadow looks real excited to be taking this photo of me.


#tbt If we don’t get ya with the bow we’ll slap ya with the paddle. @alixwilliam


Knock Knock… @tannerbeard


I keep my girl in check… Now where’s a good place to buy flowers? @jesvarg @alixwilliam

T-minus 10 days till #Happyland premiere. Who’s excited?


4 Shades of Grey @alixwilliam @drewzieva @crawdaddy9



Ryan Who?
Ryan Rottman was born in Danbury, Connecticut on March 17th 1984. Ryan was raised in Lufkin,Texas. He was the captain of his high school golf team and played second base on his baseball team before heading on to Texas Tech University.Ryan graduated High School in 2002 then he left for college at Texas Tech University in Lubbock.He studied business and theater there. He also did a couple of plays in Texas Tech University because his High School didn't have a Theater Department. He did his first play at 18 years old. Ryan also attended New York Film Academy. He had small role in the movie "The House Bunny" and a guest shot on the ABC Family series "Greek."Ryan is best known for playing Joey Colvin in Gigantic Tv Series.
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