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Calling out all Ryan Rottman fans this Christmas to dedicate a special video to Ryan in occasion of the Christmas holidays! In this project, the fans will get the chance to wish and share all their Christmas love and heartfelt support to Ryan Rottman.

To know more about 2014 Ryan Rottman Christmas Video project and how to get involved, simply check out the info below!


  • Record a video of max 2 minutes wishing Ryan a Merry Christmas and sharing your love;
  • Take a picture of yourself with a Christmas message.


  •  make sure you are aware that your video will be released online. You are taking full responsibility of what you are putting online and RRF is not going to reply any requests to remove the video after it’s released.
  • We won’t be accepting any entries after December 20th 2014, so make sure you send it  before then.
  • Don’t be ashamed of who you are, Just be you & have fun.
  • The rules are for the ones whom will send a video or picture.


  • 2014 Ryan Rottman Christmas Video project starts  Friday, November 21th and ends on Saturday, December 20th at 11:59PM PST;
  • Ryan is going to WATCH the video just like he watched the other project videos.


  • Video recordings cannot exceed 2 minutes in length;
  • If video recordings exceed time limit, I might decide whether to use the videos or cut them;
  • Videos must not contain any background audio;
  • If you don’t feel okay in exposing yourself online.  Artworks or paintings are acceptable.
  • One entry per fan;
  • For any doubt or question you have, please make sure to tweet me at @RRottmanSource [ Twitter] as i’ll make sure to answer you back! I hope you all like and join the Christmas project!
  •  This is one of those occasions we love the most, because we get to connect you closer to the person we all love and support.

DEADLINE: December 20th 2014

Send it all to


Álvaro [ website's Owner].


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What did you think of Theodore?
I liked it.
He is ok.
I hated it.

Poll Maker


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RyanRottmanFans.Net’s 2nd Anniversary is today, and me [Álvaro],owner of the site, would just like to thank all you visitors for visiting RyanRottmanFans.Net’s and making it what it is today, especially those who have stuck by the site since the beginning.

December 17th, 2012 was the day that RyanRottmanFans.Net first started, and for those who have stuck by it from the very beginning you’d all know that i continue to strive and bring you all the latest on Ryan.

The site has been growing up so fast and so much. When i launched the site i had some problems with the domain because the last host wanted to delete all the files of the site and gallery for a few reasons,so i had to change the host to not lose the fan site and so i changed the host and also changed the domain from to RyanRottmanFans.Net. I also can’t believe how supportive you guys have been with the site, i feel super blessed for everything  that happened and is still happening on the site. Still can’t believe how good it is going.

The aim of this fan site is not being the best Ryan Rottman source but being a reliable source for you guys get all the updates related to Ryan and get all the info,photos about his latest projects and so on. I also feel blessed for Ryan knowing about this fan site and it really means a lot to me what he thinks of it and also the project videos i makes is a way to get you closer to RYAN ROTTMAN and also showing him our heartfelt SUPPORT.

And last but not least, I’d like to thank my dear friend Fanny Afonso for helping me out with the launch of the website and also taking time to help me whenever i’m having a problem with the layout or the site.

Thank you again for your love and support on the site and also THANK YOU to RYAN ROTTMAN because he’s the reason why i started

Stay tuned to the site cuz i have more exciting stuff coming .




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Ryan Rottman celebrated his very good friend and actor Jesse Metcalfe‘s birthday in Las Vegas this weekend with a couple of friends. Ryan watched ‘Keith Thurman vs. Leonard Bundu‘ box match and then celebrated Jesse’s birthday at Beacher’s Madhouse. Make sure to check bellow a photo Ryan posted on his Instagram account along with it’s description

Happy Birthday @realjessemetcalfe. Thx for an amazing time @jeffbeacher



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Ryan Rottman shared a throwback on his Instagram account, make sure to check the photo bellow along with it’s description

#tbt Son of Anarchy




Ryan Rottman attended Lance Bass and Michael Turchin’s Mardi Gras-themed bachelor party at West Hollywood’s gay club The Abbey on Tuesday, Dec. 9. Some of their friends shared photos from the party on their social networks,check them bellow

1799637_307444726129545_2099213422_n.jpg 10843851_337296779789166_1706362608_n.jpg 10832162_1512382615707381_875034454_n.jpg 10865073_756453637754080_1980758466_n.jpg


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Ryan Rottman had fun with the homies at a christmas holiday party hosted by Ashley Greene and Paul Khoury on Saturday night [ December 06th]. Ryan has posted a photo from that night on his Instagram account,make sure to check it bellow along with it’s description

Xmas Ornament lovers created by myself & @jesvarg. #ArtBasel. Thx @paulkhoury & @ashleygreene for hosting a epic night


Ryan’s friends also posted pics from the same night on their social networks,check them bellow

  10852613_847021438683686_1330089231_n.jpg 10514094_894247603940249_1008251734_n.jpg 10817699_757569094326238_406046189_n.jpg 10852613_847021438683686_1330089231_n.jpg

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Ryan Rottman has posted a new photo on his Instagram account wishing Happy Birthday to his dad Jack. RyanRottmanFans.Net wishes a very happy birthday to Ryan’s dad and hoping he has an amazing day. Make sure to check the photo bellow along with it’s description :

Happy Birthday to my idol, best friend and most giving person I know.. My dad!


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As you all can see the site has a new layout. I thought it came the right time to change the layout for a new one after keeping the same one for a very long time. It’s been almost 2 years since i launched the site online and i can’t thank you guys so much for all the support that it has been giving from you on it. Everything that i do on this fan site is to support the amazingly talented Ryan Rottman and give you all updates related to his projects.  Hope y’all enjoy the new layout as much as i did making it.
Ryan Rottman Fans Owner,

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Ryan Rottman suits up for a night out at the 2014 Night of Generosity Gala presented by held at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on Friday night (December 5) in Beverly Hills, Calif. The 30-year-old Happyland actor joined Faking It‘s Gregg Sulkin, Jessie‘s Chris Galya and more.

Make sure to check photos of Ryan attending the event bellow

460021608.jpg ryan-rottman-gregg-sulkin-chris-matt-angela-generosity-gala-07.jpg ryan-rottman-gregg-sulkin-chris-matt-angela-generosity-gala-08.jpg ryan-rottman-gregg-sulkin-chris-matt-angela-generosity-gala-19.jpg

Ryan also updated his Instagram account with a photo from the event,make sure to check it bellow along with it’s description

This is 7 sharp looking dudes supporting a great cause. Clean water @generosity


Ryan’s friends also posted pics on their social networks from the event,make sure to check them bellow

10785061_389759254527493_2136539241_n.jpg 10818008_1511371345812164_800855094_n.jpg 10838424_834544506596560_1022313130_n.jpg 10785061_389759254527493_2136539241_n.jpg

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Ryan Rottman attended 7th Annual ‘Babes In Toyland’ charity toy drive benefiting ‘Promises 2 Kids at Station Hollywood at W Hollywood Hotel on December 4, 2014 in Hollywood, California. Ryan was joined by his girlfriend Jessica Vargas,which was one of the hosts from the event, and he also was joined by a couple of his friends. Ryan posted 2 photos from the event on his Instagram account, make sure to check the photos bellow along with their descriptions

3 Wise Men


This is a picture of 8 guys and 1 girl at a charity event for kids


Ryan’s friends also posted pics from the charity event,check them bellow

10838763_468115949993653_109894277_n.jpg 10843668_1521869534759023_2090307133_n.jpg 10838763_468115949993653_109894277_n.jpg 10843668_1521869534759023_2090307133_n.jpg

Ryan also posted a photo on his Instagram account 2 days ago with the poster from the event

Who’s coming with me and @jesvarg tomorrow night?


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Ryan Rottman has updated his Instagram account with lots of new photos, you can check them bellow along with their descriptions

Happy Happy Joy Joy it’s #Happyland Tuesday on @MTV!! Who’s watching?


Got the Best fortune cookie today! See them tonight on #Happyland on @mtv :-)


Damn…Someone’s been getting busy


Hide ya kids, hide ya wives. @alixwilliam #Creep #Halloween #Dope


Chandler’s know how to keep our shoes looking fresh. Watch how shiny they are tonight on #Happyland on @MTV. @theshaneharper


Sorry Maybelline…..


It’s that time ppl! Movember is here! #GeorgeCostanza Let me see yall’s #Staches


Wait… So I can or can’t park here?!?!


The Road Traveled #bgmeyercigarco @robweiss


Polo Lounging it with @mauricefadida @dickhorgan @dannyguez & @alecmonopoly (aka @jeremiahworld)


90′s @lancebass frost going on!


I’ll be your Huckelberry…. #Repost


New York we out here. #Oppulant @timnewfang


Held the door open for a lady and ended up here!




Best steak & biggest carrot ever! Thx @graceisabel01 @americancut #americancut #ldvlife


Merica representing with @timnewfang


Look how cute this lil girl is! Her name is Roo and she needs a home. Check out @socalpomrescue and all the cute pups and amazing work they do! I mean….. Adorable. I’ll go with you to pick up ur dog #Repost #Adopt


Missing the cold weather in NYC. @timnewfang


Turkey Day skating sesh in Scottsdale with @dickhorgan @jeremiahworld


How all Rottman Thanksgiving’s end


Cactus giving me the finger, but look at that coloring


Join me TODAY and buy a Lokai on and they’ll donate $10 to @pencilsofpromise! Let’s help build a school in Ghana! #sharepromise #livelokai